Course Review – Zero to Millionaire, Building the Foundation

Zero to Millionaire - Building the Foundation

Product Review: Zero to Millionaire, Building the Foundation

Price: $49.97 per month for 12 months

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Background on Creating the Course

Borrowing £300 on a credit card and turning it into £10 million in 4 years, it’s safe to say, Karen Newton knows a little bit about how to make money.  She then started writing books about her success and how readers could do the same becoming a #1 International Best Selling Author along the way.

One day a man stopped her in the street with a book in his hand, asking if she was the author. He then asked her to coach him.

This grew to coaching his friends until eventually, there were so many clients that she created her first Mastermind Coaching Group.  This has now grown to 17 Mastermind Groups.

Karen decided to create an online version of the first year of her coaching course, Zero to Millionaire, Building the Foundation allowing people to work in their own time at their own pace and study how to improve their financial situation.

Follow a Proven Pathway

According to the course, there are 4 categories that any investment will fall into – Business, Property, Digital Investing and Commodities.

The concept of the course is to invest in each of the 4 categories with simple investments which will allow the investor to start earning while learning.4 Category Investing

The 12 part course is a step-by-step process to building a foundation which will over time grow in value or which can be used as a stepping stone on which to continue building wealth.  Each month a new topic is introduced and the student is given a month to focus on implementing the tasks from the module.

The pace of one module per month may seem slow to start but is deliberately done.  The taks from each module, builds confidence.  As confidence grows the targets which have been set within the course grow.  As the results start growing, there is more confidence to tackle some of the more intensive topics.

Mindset is a key part to the whole process with the course reiterating that investing skill is only 20% of the ability to make money 80% is having the right mindset.  A mindset that develops as you progress through the course.

Another concept of the course is making money is simple when you know how.  Keeping the momentum going is harder.  So, the course asks you to create what would be your perfect day if money was no object.  Then to create a action step from to start making the perfect day a reality.

Zero to Millionaire, Building the Foundation consists of 12 written modules, 23 videos together with support material including workbooks, spreadsheets and books.

The videos include other courses which help give greater clarity on a specific topic within the course.  For example, the cryptocurrency module include a 4 part beginners cryptocurrency course recorded in early 2021.

Something for Everyone

Creating a cash rich online businesses is the first step towards generating cash for investing.  It is the first step in starting the investment journey and is where the concept of starting from Zero comes in.

Results that previous clients have achieved are included to show that taking a little action can quickly bring sufficient cash to start other investments.

The course covers

  1. Side Hustles – creating a cash rich online business through side hustles
  2. Property – how using property options can start a property portfolio with little cash.  It looks at different types of options
  3. Digital Investing – covering shares and cryptocurrency
  4. Commodities – with the emphasis on gold and silver bullion
  5. Leverage – how to leverage money, crypto, knowledge
  6. Charting – some of the tools that can be applied to help understand charts for investing
  7. Compounding Effect – how it works and different strategies for future investments
  8. Mindset – the changes that are necessary to go from beginner to successful investor
  9. Cash Flow – how money moves and impact upon peoples wealth
  10. Multiple Income Generation – the different ways to increase income

It becomes a continual upward spiral where the side hustles generate income monthly, this is invested into income producing investments and the wealth foundation grows and grows.

Creating Multiple Income Streams

Zero to Millionaire, Building the Foundation, covers eight different types of income streams

  • Earned Income – through creating companies
  • Profit Income – using side hustles
  • Dividend Income – from share investments and ownership of companies
  • Passive Income – from affiliate marketing and creating courses
  • Interest Income – is earned from lending strategies
  • Rental Income – from anything you can rent to someone else including property
  • Capital Gains Income – generated through property and commodities
  • Royalty Income – for the creative person who can copyright what they do

Once you identify a niche you want to build your business around, you can create multiple income streams from the niche.  The more income streams you can create the wealthier you become.

Each of the income streams is covered throughout the course.  As it is aimed a beginners the course shows the learner how to start small with very little money and start building each of the income streams using the 4 different investment categories.

Results from the Course

This is a comprehensive beginners course.  It introduces the learner to many different ways of becoming an investor with very little money or no money creating a pathway that anyone can follow.

Going through the course, your mindset will change as you start learning different ways to invest which most people are unfamiliar with.

Testimonials from existing students who are eager to share their success includes some who have worked through a 5 year course and become millionaires. Others who had dream lifestyles but no idea how to achieve them and how the course opened up opportunities for them to start living the lifestyle they wanted.

Others say they have learnt about money management feeling more incontrol of their finances.

The course offers something for everyone who wants to learn about how to make money.  While it is unlikely you will become a millionaire in the first year, Zero to Millionaire, Building the Foundation shows a pathway for achieving anything you desire in the not too distant future.

Build A Foundation of Wealth