Why Bad News is Really Good News

Don’t read the newspapers they are depressing and contain only bad news stories.  Yet, by ignoring newspapers and bad news stories are you passing up one of the best opportunities to make money and become wealthy?

As an investor, my livelihood depends on bad news stories.

Before I get into that let me explain the difference between investors and traders.  Then you will see why bad news is good news.

How Traders Trade

Traders can operate in any market.

When they place traders they rely on market prices going up or down.  If they are right they make money.  If they are wrong they lose it.  They follow trends in the markets.  So, when the markets are going up they place trades on upward movement.  When market prices are going down they place trades on the downward movement.  Trends are their best friend.  They rely on prices moving up and down which is created through good and bad news.  Good news tends to see prices go upward and bad news tends to see prices go downwards.

Exceptional traders who have spent many years learning the trading profession will, on average, get 6 out of 10 trades right.  The statistics for people who start learning to trade are that 90% of people lose 90% of their money in the first 90 days.

However, the traders who get it right can become wealthy very quickly.


Investors Become Wealthier

Investors are creators.  They create opportunities for traders.

If Jeff Bezos didn’t create Amazon, traders would not be able to trade the shares.  If Apple, Microsoft, LVMH, or Inditex – some of the biggest companies on the share market – were not created by investors what would traders trade on?

The biggest skill of an investor is to find a problem to solve.  They create businesses that solve problems.  A business is the biggest investment for any investor.  The wealthiest investors in the world are business owners. In the list below you have the wealthiest people in the world who are the best at solving problems.

1. Jeff Bezos, Amazon home shopping for busy people

2. Elon Musk, Tesla solving the fossil fuel problem for transport.

3. Amancio Ortega, Inditex, created clothing co-ops for people to be able to sell their products. This was the start of Zara.

4. My own business solves problems for people who don’t understand money. They want to learn about starting online businesses and building property, shares, cryptocurrency, and precious metal portfolios.  I solve the problem of lack of financial education.

Investors are creators who are solving problems for people.  The better they are at solving the problems the wealthier they become.

Traders need investors because without them they would have nothing to trade on which is why investors are wealthier than traders.  They solve the problem of what can traders trade on.

In my blog, Steps to Financial Freedom, I looked at the wealthiest people in the world and how they made their wealth.


Bad News Opportunities

One of my first investment coaches said “where you can find bad news you can find opportunities”. Newspaper Gloom

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “they’re lucky, they were in the right place at the right time.”  Yet, it wasn’t luck.  They were people who were searching for a problem they could solve. They were then well rewarded for solving the problem.

As an investor, news about high inflation and recession provides many problems to be solved.  Many opportunities to be creative.  Many opportunities to help people who are struggling financially be able to thrive in difficult times.

The more problems you can find to solve the more money you can make.

Newspapers provide bad news all you have to do is find the solution to the problem. There is always a way to turn bad news into good news opportunities.

Are you looking for problems to solve?