This lady is wonderful – Sharon Lechter, CEO and Co-Author Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Consultant Napoleon Hill Foundation and CEO Pay Your Family First

Inspiring read of Resilience and Wealth building. Wonderful story of Resilience and very inspiring! It shows the power of personality and mindset to push through the hard times! Karen inspired me as the ever evolving student with fantastic wealth advice. Ashley Teer – Amazon Book Review

Priceless Information that’s easy to read. Loved this book, an inspiring story with many challenges and successes but most of all the author’s great spirit shines through. Karen shares her path to wealth and success, lots of tools and makes it all seem so easy and achievable. Heather Lundy – Amazon Book Review

Connecting with Karen has changed my life. Karen has an accessible style, you can relate to her easily, she can captivate an audience and provides the steps which build a bridge for individuals to use in order to move from where they are now to where they want to be. Participating in the Zero to Millionaire Club has caused a paradigm shift in my own thinking about business and now a whole new future lays before me. Karen changes the lives of those ready to take action, she makes wealth accessible to everyone. Marilyn Maidment – Director EquipYou Ltd

Karen’s wealth of knowledge and experience gives an audience something to pay attention to and learn from. Karen is a generous, supportive and helpful lady whose willingness to help others through her Investment Clubs makes her someone you really should get to know. Penny Jarman – Business Development Office at QualitySolicitors Rubin Lewis O’Brien

Karen’s wealth of knowledge and understanding of many businesses is interesting and inspiring. Overcoming adversity and representing women in non-traditional sectors resonates with our members. Thank you Karen for sharing your journey and showing a ‘can do’ attitude is everything! Bethan Baldwin, Pride of Britain Fundraiser of the year 2015

I joined Karen’s mastermind group last year and have learned so much about investing in her 4 categories. She says she can take you from zero to a million and she isn’t kidding. Her mastermind group is a structured and proven formula that you can follow while also having the autonomy to explore new investments and ask her advice on these. I’m enjoying the learning and financial growth that being part of Karen’s mastermind group provides. Natasha Davies, Global Mindset Coach, Consultant and Author

Fantastic book started reading it and couldn’t put it down. Read the whole book in two days and ended up with bits of paper sticking out of the book at various points with pages I wanted to go back to. It’s inspired me to make changes in my life. If you are looking to make a change in your financial future I highly recommend this book. Peter Rowlands, P&M360; Photography, Storyteller

Been investing for years with no balance and over exposed in certain areas, now starting to finally get it, little steps and a lot of help and advice from Karen Newton I can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel… Michael Wheatle, Property Investor

Just back from the Zero to Millionaire Seminar, what, an amazing day, lots of great advice, tips and expertise, fantastic speakers and faultless knowledge, I am looking forward to putting into practice some of what I have learnt today. Thanks Again. Steve Gregory, MTS Ltd

Karen is a great coach on how to build wealth through her mastermind groups. Karen shows you a number of different strategies starting with very little money on how to build income and capital in a friendly supportive way. I have no hesitation in recommending Karen if you want to learn how to build wealth. Tony Thomas, Certified and Independent Financial Advisor 4 x Financial Times Top 10 UK IFA

Every time I meet Karen and/or attend one of her events I come away with more knowledge and understanding. Patient and supportive and oh so knowledgeable. Can’t recommend highly enough. Sarah Nightingale, ACT Training Ltd, Player Rep Welsh International Rugby and Welsh International Hockey

Fabulous Ideas to make money and this lady really does know what she is writing about. This book inspired and motivated me to take action. I highly recommend “Niche”. I recently attended a Desktop Publishing workshop with her. Wow by the end of the day I was so excited to take action with the tips and ideas she shared that I’ve already made a start and plan to continue on to more success. She held up this book as an example and I thought to myself I must buy that book and I can honestly say it fulfilled all expectations Thank you Karen, I absolutely loved it Amazon Book Review

With all the uncertainty in society and employment at the moment, I think it pays to have some backup options. Thank you, Karen, for all your help. Sam Curtis Future Property Wales

Thank you for the coaching call last night. I loved it. I’m getting so much out of the course already, thank you so much for your guidance and support. Grainne McNulty Digital/Online Entrepreneur

Amazing, I learned things I’ll never forget that helped me through the pandemic, sell my house with lease options and get rid of 25k debt. Grateful as always. Steve Gregory Mandatory Training Systems Ltd

I highly recommend this course. It was informative and interesting. Karen explained everything in an easy-to-follow format. So much so, that both my daughters also joined and have got several side hustles on the go already. Sharon McNulty KonMari Consultant

I love your Market News meetings, Karen. Thank you … so much value and information and we certainly do cover an extensive discussion list. Amanda Anderson, Author & Creative Writer