Understand Investment Cycles, Understand How To Make Money

How many times have you been to a wealth training course, learned a strategy for making money and found it didn’t work? You are left feeling disappointed and let down and feel you wasted your money on the training course. In most cases the system works it is just the timing was wrong as all … Read more

Stop The Madness

As the gap between wealthy and poor widens, frustration takes over and discontent says to tax the rich more.  This achieves little, not because of safe havens or any other schemes to reduce tax.  The real issue is the population is brainwashed from birth to be poor. Wrong Type of Education Global education systems are … Read more

What Is The New Norm?

As one trillion dollars flows into the stock market, more than the previous 19 years added together, is this the new norm for investing? Stock markets have seen unprecedented increases at a time of a struggling economy.  Businesses are battered by consistent lockdowns hitting jobs and profits. Proposed interest rate hikes are likely to hit the … Read more

Evergrande Is A Global Problem

The problem with global markets is that something that happens on one side of the world could have a huge affect on the other side.  Is the fallout from the Evergrande situation just a Chinese problem or a global issue? Who is Evergrande? Hui Ka Yan or Xu Jiayin,(in mandarin) is the billionaire founder of … Read more

When Is The Plague Of Locust Due?

When is the plague of locust due? asked, Bank of England Governor, Andrew Bailey, as he issued warnings over a string of economic shocks to the economy while addressing the annual conference of the Society of Professional Economists.  But why was the Bank of England and indeed, many Central Banks caught out by the lack … Read more

Is This The End For Crypto?

China bans crypto for the umpteenth time but is it just another toothless threat or are things different this time? China No Longer an Asset Rich Society People have short memories and few remember back to the 2008 Credit Crunch, when the Western World was bankrupt.  Businesses were tumbling like dominoes and disappearing from the … Read more

The Secret To Surviving A Recession

As the UK, Ireland and many other countries confirm they are in recession the strategy should now switch to surviving and thriving during the recession. In this blog we look at some strategies to adopt that will help you navigate this difficult time and learn how to thrive no matter what the economy is doing. … Read more