Understand Investment Cycles, Understand How To Make Money

How many times have you been to a wealth training course, learned a strategy for making money and found it didn’t work? You are left feeling disappointed and let down and feel you wasted your money on the training course. In most cases the system works it is just the timing was wrong as all … Read more

Evergrande Is A Global Problem

The problem with global markets is that something that happens on one side of the world could have a huge affect on the other side.  Is the fallout from the Evergrande situation just a Chinese problem or a global issue? Who is Evergrande? Hui Ka Yan or Xu Jiayin,(in mandarin) is the billionaire founder of … Read more

Strategies For Investing In Property With Little Or No Money

Property is a versatile investment opportunity offering many strategic ways to invest from full mortgage free ownership to using leverage to purchase a property.  Here we look at some of the easiest ways to invest in property and how important timing is for each type of investment strategy. Understanding the Market Cycles All markets operate … Read more

Property Options – A Recession Strategy

Property Options offer a great way to get on the property ladder and they are a powerful tool during a recession. Let me explain.   Buy-to-Let Mortgages Like any investment cycle property goes up and down in value. However, over the long term, it tends to go upwards. In a buoyant market when property prices … Read more