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When it comes to building wealth and income, Karen has cracked the code. Borrowing £300 on a credit card and turning it into £10 million in 4 years.

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Strategic Investor


Karen sees her role in helping her clients build online businesses and then invest the profits into property, digital assets and commodities. She helps her clients to understand the current economic cycles and identify the right strategy for best profits and low risks.

“There are many different investment strategies.” She says, “Most people only learn one and find themselves struggling when the market moves against them. Understanding the markets and investment cycles helps an investor to pick the right strategy at the right time. It’s like having a crystal ball to see the future.”


Online Entrepreneur

Following a car crash that left Karen unable to walk for 2 years, she became an entrepreneur to replace the wages she lost when having to give up her job and focus on learning to walk.

Karen became an online entrepreneur in 2003 learning to adapt her business as technology evolved.

Now with several online businesses and investments she finds herself in demand to talk about her experiences.



Writing books about her strategies, one day a guy stopped Karen in the street with a book in his hand and asked her to coach him.

This was the start of Karen Newton International which has successfully coached clients to millionaire status in 13 countries and has over 200 clients on track to achieve the same.

Karen is a 3x #1 International Best-Selling Author



International Speaker

Karen has shared the speaking stage with top international speakers including Sharon Lechter, Michael Lechter, Paul O’Mahony, Anthony McCarthy, Teddy Hayes and Skyler Jett.

She has a passion for teaching and speaks at schools and at The Princes Trust Cymru about entrepreneurship and investing.


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