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At Karen Newton International we understand most people don’t dream just about making money, what they dream about is what they can do with the money. They have a dream of how they would like to live their lives, yet have little or no money to turn their dreams into reality.


We are here to help you make enough money to live your dream lifestyle.




We teach you different ways to make money.  We cover how to create 8 different types of income streams, earned income, profit income, dividend income, passive income, interest income, rental income, capital gains income and royalty income.


That might sound complicated but is really quite easy when you follow our simple steps.


The income is generated through online business; property; digital investing and precious metals.


No more worries about job security, lockdowns or inflation. 


You will always have income flowing so you and your family can live the life you desire.

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How Can We Help You ?

As a Wealth Coach, I teach clients how to turn dreams into reality.  How they can create the lifestyle of their dreams.  Teaching them the skills for building businesses, investing in property, investing in the share market and protecting their wealth (hedging) using bullion. The skills and strategies are very easy to follow and anyone can do them if they are willing to take action.  Investing is boring but your dream lifestyle is what keeps you motivated to continue investing.

I joined Karen's Mastermind Group last year and have learned so much about investing in the 4 categories. She says she can take you from Zero to Millionaire and she isn't kidding. Her Mastermind Group is a structured and proven formula that you can follow while also having the autonomy to explore new investments and ask her advice on these. I'm enjoying the learning and financial growth that being part of Karen's Mastermind Group provides.
Natasha Davies
Global Mindset Coach, Consultant & Author

What Kind Of Investor Are You ?

Did you know there are many different kinds of investors and traders?  One size does not fit all.  For that reason we teach different types of investments and strategies until you get the one that suits you best.  If coaching hasn’t worked for you to date it’s because the one size fits all approaching doesn’t work.  By understanding you, we can work on the investment style and strategy which suits you best to guarantee your success.

Karen is a great coach on how to build wealth. Karen shows you a number of different strategies starting with very little money on how to build income and capital in a friendly supportive way. I have no hesitation in recommending Karen if you want to learn how to build wealth.
Tony Thomas
Certified and Independent Financial Advisor/3 x Financial Times Top 10 Coach

The Skills and Knowledge to Build Your Wealth

Anyone can make money once they learn the skills and strategies to do so.  That is what our training programs are all about.  Teaching you the skills and strategies so you can go and work on your investments yourself.  We don’t invest your money for you.  We empower you to be able to make your own decisions and build your own wealth and dream lifestyle.

Just back from the Zero to Millionaire Seminar, what an amazing day, lots of great advice, tips and expertise, fantastic speakers and faultless knowledge. I am looking forward to putting into practice some of what I have learnt today. Thanks again.
Steve Gregory
Every time I meet Karen and/or attend one of her events I come away with more knowledge and understanding. Patient and supportive and oh so knowledgeable. Can't recommend highly enough.
Sarah Nightingale
ACT Training Ltd

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