Benefits Of Memberships

Key Takeaways

Memberships offer

  • a structured and flexible way to deliver content
  • content specific to clients’ needs
  • connection with members
  • continuous learning and development opportunities
  • client retention
  • motivation and accountability

Memberships offer benefits to members and the business.  In this blog we look at some of the benefits from both perspectives.

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Memberships offer Structure and Flexibility

It sounds contrary that memberships offer structure and flexibility but both work within a membership.

There is a structure to running memberships and engaging with members. However, there is also the opportunity to customize content to suit the questions and needs to clients

Content Specific to Clients’ Needs

Within my memberships there is a structure for learning. Topics that are covered in a specific order as they build one on top of the other to get the desired effect.

It’s compounding a step-by-step process that produces the end result.

However, each member is unique and while talking with customers within the live training sessions, the content can be flexible around clients.

For example, this week, an accountant and a sports coach were on a coaching call. I was able to present the content and then show them how it would apply to their specific industry.

Flexibility let the content be presented in a way that met the clients needs.

Connection with Members

Relationship building and connection are what makes the membership work or not work.

When members feel they can connect with you the membership works for both the coach and the member.

I like to work with small memberships so use a tiered membership level.

Ultimately, I want clients to be part of my mastermind membership working with me on joint ventures. Clients don’t come in at that level and have to work through different strategies and learning to get the best from the coaching.

The tiered membership lets me connect with members on different levels. Build the know, like and trust so that eventually, they will become joint venture partners.

Continuous Learning and Development

Membership develops constantly to take into account new concepts within an industry but also as clients become more knowledgeable they are looking for different information.

Within my memberships, there is a tiered approach.

Wealth, Income and Lifestyle are the concepts within Karen Newton International.

Income starts with building an online business. This industry is continually changing. I found the courses I offered 6 months ago are now, out of date.

The flexibility within a membership means new elements are introduced as the industry changes.

Clients enjoy continuous learning. I’m also developing my business to meet industry needs. It is a win/win

Client Retention

Flexibility to change content that reflects and evolving industry has improved client retention.

I remember going to a seminar and listening to the speaker. My first thought was wow! I didn’t realise that was still being taught.

I later talked with a friend and he said it had changed about 6 years earlier.

I then understood why the feedback I’d received about the speaker wasn’t good.

A lot of work goes into developing courses and training. When the content isn’t up to date clients tend to complain that it doesn’t work.

Memberships are flexible in delivering updated content and this leads to better customer retention.

Motivation and Accountability

Structured correctly, memberships are motivational and require accountability for its members.

I like to set targets and provide a month between meetings to put into practice what was learned. During the month there is support within the membership group.

As the results start to come in, members like hearing the success stories and it helps maintain motivation.

For this to work well, all the above elements are required

  • building a relationship with members
  • offering structure and flexibility
  • continuous learning so there is a need to attend meetings
  • client retention so members see how effective the membership is.

Karen Newton International Membership

Within Karen Newton International we offer tiered membership.

  1. Online Entrepreneur Membership – Build an Online Business generating profits for investing
  2. Zero to Millionaire Membership – learn how to invest the profits in property, shares, crypto and commodities
  3. KNI Mastermind – strategic investing and joint venture opportunities

Relationships are built not just with me but also within the membership. So, when it comes to joint ventures, everyone has got to know one another. They have the same mindset and tend to work well together.

For more information visit Karen Newton International Memberships

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Join Memberships?

People join memberships to become part of an exclusive community with access to perks, information and training that is not available elsewhere.

How Does Membership Work

There are different types of memberships, but generally, people join a membership, for a fee, and get access to meetings, events, content and can build relationships with other members.

In Karen Newton International, memberships provide access to content not available elsewhere. Training exclusively with Karen Newton and the opportunity to Joint Venture with Karen on some of her projects.

What Happens When I Cancel My Membership

Access to content, meetings and other benefits are removed once a membership is cancelled.


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