Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

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What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a very popular way of creating income. Whereby, the affiliate has the right to market and sell someone else’s products and earn a commission in return for the effort they put into selling the product. It’s like recommending a movie you really like to all your friends and each time they watch it you receive a small payment simply for telling your friends about it.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

There are several companies who run affiliate programs. Probably one of the best known is Amazon. Although, 2020, they drastically reduced the commission they paid to affiliates.

 When or if, the affiliate gets accepted for their program, the affiliate has a unique link which they use to advertise a product to their customers. This is a tracking code, which usually remains valid for several months if someone clicks on it. Thereby, ensuring if the prospective buyer has originally clicked on the affiliates link, but then buys elsewhere the affiliate still receives some commission for the original introduction to the product.

 The affiliate will market the products through their list of friends and contacts. Through writing blogs, producing videos and simply telling someone about the product and providing the affiliates unique link.

 The affiliate is able to track how much commission they earn and when payments are made to them.

 How Much Money Can an Affiliate Make

There are people who make a lot of money as affiliates. It is their main source of income. There are others who just dabble with it and make a small income. reported that low level affiliates can earn an average of $300 per day. Intermediate affiliates can earn up to $3000 per day and top affiliate marketers are earning $10,000 average per day. Pat Flynn, who is one of the worlds top affiliates, if not the top affiliate, reported back in 2017 that his annual income from affiliate marketing was $3.1 million.

Nate O’Brien, who run a YouTube Channel to market affiliate products started his channel 3 years ago and in a recent video stated he was on target to earn $750,000 in a year from the products he advertises.

 How much money can an affiliate make? It comes down to how much do you want to make? Putting a plan into place and learning the skills to make affiliate marketing work for you.


How to Become an Affiliate

Do you have a following on facebook, Instagram, clubhouse, youtube or any social media platform? Then you have the basis of building an audience of people who are likely to follow your product recommendations.

 The key to affiliate marketing is to build an audience of prospective buyers. People who if you recommend a product are likely to follow your recommendation and take a look at the product or service you are recommending.

It is then very simple to become an affiliate marketer. You simply sign up to an affiliate program for a product that you like. You may not realise how many products you use that offer affiliate programs.

 Neflix, which many readers will recognise, had a strategy of growing its audience through affiliate marketing. Today, it no longer runs an affiliate program but its interesting to see how much growth was generated for the streaming service initially through affiliate marketing. Today, it relies on work of mouth and pay per click advertising.

Disney has adopted the same strategy by offering a small commission for each person who signs up through an affiliate link.

 You then tell your audience about the product or service, provide them with your unique link to the product and point them in the right direction to buy the product.

 The more you grow your audience, the more you are likely to make through affiliate marketing.

Become an Affiliate Marketer with Karen Newton International

At Karen Newton International learning how to make money is part of our education system and providing the products, services and tools to be able to do so also part of how we help our clients.

 The 8 Type of Income Streams is an important part of what we teach. In the past we offered affiliate income for ticket sales to our events. However, since 2020 the world of seminars and events has changed and so has Karen Newton International.

To continue supporting our clients with “The 8 Types of Income Streams”, in particular, residual income, we have created an affiliate program for training courses. The first product offering 50% commission.

 If you would like to learn more about Karen Newton International Affiliate Program join the Karen Newton International Affiliate Hub using the link below.

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