Why Affiliate Marketing Should Be Part of Your Online Business Strategy

Do you want an online business that works while you sleep? Then Affiliate Marketing needs to be part of your online strategy.

Leaving Money on the Table

Online sales, over the past 5 years, are growing at around 10% per year according to statistics for 2022.

E-commerce is worth $8.2 billion up from $4.8 billion in 2016.

With around 16% of e-commerce sales being generated from affiliate marketing.

In addition, 16% of total revenue for the digital media industry is from affiliate marketing.

You have to ask yourself, in a billion-dollar industry, that has a proven track record of growing year in and year out, if you are not part of the affiliate marketing industry either as a creator or seller are you missing an opportunity and leaving money on the table?

Money that should be in your bank account helping you fulfill the dream of earning money while you sleep.

A Lucrative Side Hustle

You don’t need to give up your day job.  One of the comments I frequently hear is – “I love my job, I don’t want to give it up.” and that is great.

But what happens when your job gives you up?

A side hustle is simply a name given to a part-time online business that can be run alongside a job.

An online business takes just a small amount of time to set it up.  A little time to make sure the advertising is working and bringing in sales. Then sit back and let the money flow in.

Once one product is up and running, generating income, move on to the next product.

Once there is a system working it can be duplicated over and over with multiple products.  It becomes a lucrative business that can often generate more income than a job.

Side hustles help create the balance between work and lifestyle that is often missing in most people’s lives.

Start an Online Business with No Money

It may seem hard to believe, but an online business can be started with no money.  It can be up and running, earning money in less than one hour.

Many companies are looking for affiliate marketers.  Some companies will require the affiliate to have prior experience. Other companies open affiliate marketing products to anyone who wants to become an affiliate marketer.

Imagine having an online business operating in less than one hour.  Then create more and more income opportunities.

Company Support

In a recent survey, 80% of companies said they were increasing their marketing budgets to support affiliate marketing.

What this means, in reality, is companies are increasing the amount they are willing to pay affiliate marketers who are generating sales for them.

This is really good news.  Instead of competing with affiliates for market share, companies will be letting affiliate marketers grow their business and provide better incentives.

Marketing Packs are now an everyday part of the support given to affiliates.  This in turn helps affiliates with targetting the right audience who are more likely to want the product they are selling.

Companies will use their research on the brand, design, and SEO and the affiliate will have the benefit of it.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

.If you are new to the affiliate marketing concept and/or want to start with a zero budget, then education will help get you started.

Affiliate Marketing – Success Guide for Beginners is the best place to start.

The course is specifically designed as a step-by-step process of starting an affiliate marketing business with 3 key strategies used by the most successful affiliate marketers in the industry.

The course has been created by a 20-year expert in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the Future

As more and more businesses venture online, opportunities will continue to grow.  That includes affiliate marketing.

Today the online business industry is worth $8.2 billion.  At the current rate of growth, it will become a $20 billion industry within a few years.

While it is still growing you deserve to be part of that growth with your own affiliate marketing online business.