You Don’t Need To Read 100 Books

You don’t need to read 100 books all you need is action and determination to achieve what you desire.

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 Wealth, Income and Lifestyle are what many dream about but very few achieve. They spend a lifestime reading this or that book trying to find the magical how to become wealthy. The reality is most people already have an idea about how to build a business or how they want to invest and are looking for validation through books.

You don’t need to read 100 books, you just need to take action to make your idea a reality and then have determination to see it through.

Book of Excuses

What stopped you from doing that one thing you’ve wanted more than anything else?

The excuses are often

· I wasn’t ready

· I didn’t have enough information

· I thought I needed to learn more

· I tried before and it didn’t work

· I couldn’t afford it

· Now is not the best time to get started because …

How many more excuses are you going to make?

The reality is the people who achieve what they want most take action immediately. They get started and take action every day. They use their determination to get the desired results.

When I decided to build my online business and invest in property, shares, cryptocurrency, gold and silver it was an action that started every one of those investments.

It was the determination that got me through when a business model didn’t work or an investment stumbled.

A combination of action and determination helped me keep going until the businesses and investments produced the desired results.

Let me ask you a question, is failing to start worse than starting or failing?


Analysis Paralysis

One of the biggest procrastinators and reasons people don’t achieve what they desire is Analysis Paralysis – the need to know every single detail before they start.

Today’s world is fast moving and changing. The things you learn now will have changed next week or next month. So, why are you wasting so much time on wanting to study everything possible now when the information garnered today will be useless tomorrow.

Learning as you go is the best teacher.

Taking action and analysing the results of those action steps is the best way to move forward. When difficulties are encountered, and they always are as nothing runs smoothly – determination combined with action is what will get you through to the next level.

Analysis Paralysis is just one more excuse for not getting started.



Rome wasn’t built in a day, it took lots of little steps to become the city it is today.

When Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson started their businesses, it was an idea put into action and then sheer determination to make it work.

Starting a business or any investment will take time, there is no such thing as the perfect business that works instantly or the perfect investment that pays instantly. There are lots of small steps to get a business started and thriving.

If you take a look at Karen Newton International (KNI) and how it began. A guy stopped me in the street with one of my books in his hand and asked me to coach him. I said yes. Went home and asked my husband what I had done and if I could deliver the coaching when I had never coached anyone before.

Eight years later, the original Zero to Millionaire training course has undergone many evolutions. As the world changes investments and strategies change and that involves continuous learning to keep ahead of the trends.

Joint Ventures are now a huge part of our client’s success.

Karen Newton International now offers joint ventures in the US share market with over 200 clients and $1 million invested. It has continuous growth and learning with action needed every day to maintain the investments and learn the next best strategy.

The next joint venture was international property, today there are 4 companies with half a million in property deals.

Each joint venture started with an idea, a determination to make it work and lots of action to get the first company started and then the next and the next.

What action steps have you taken today to get one step closer to your dream.



Perhaps more than anything determination is what gets you through the ups and downs.

Nothing runs smoothly. There are always unexpected challenges to overcome. Your determination to make it work and the actions you take to find a positive outcome are the keys to success.

Part of the wealth coaching was building an online business but there wasn’t enough time within the course to teach this aspect in detail. So, in October 2023, I started a website The Online Entrepreneur teaching clients how to set up an online businesses.

Since then, it has evolved into a membership, a training course and a YouTube channel.

But it didn’t run smoothly. Since starting the website, Google has overhauled many aspects of search engine rankings which saw the website drop from 8 down to 60. That meant more learning about the changes, editing of existing blogs and creating more articles to get the site ranking higher.

Facebook altered its criteria for content and 3rd party access to groups, that meant starting my own membership on a different platform where I have more control over content and access.

YouTube made changes resulting in a separate YouTube channel for The Online Entrepreneur.

The Online Entrepreneur brand has evolved and grown as a result of outside forces. Determination and Action have grown The Online Entrepreneur beyond its original scope.

When Determination and Action are applied together the opportunities that come your way are unstoppable.


You Don’t Need to Read 100 Books You Just Need Action and Determination

There is a fallacy that you need to read a lot of books. I see people saying they have read a book a week or a book a month.

I have a love of books and I do read a lot. But it takes a long time for me to read a book as I like to learn something, take action to see if it works and use my determination to see it through.

Reading a book from cover to cover and never absorbing nor practicing the lessons from it makes it wasted time and effort to read it.

You don’t need to read 100 books to achieve success. You just need to take something you have learned and take action to put it into practice then have the determination to see it through.

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