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How To Buy Gold And Silver For Investment

Gold and silver aren’t just shiny objects that catch the eye, they’ve been pillars of wealth for centuries. Many countries still accept gold and silver as legal tender.

I see them as a bridge between the past and present of finance, serving as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. An essential part of any investment portfolio.

In this blog we look at how to invest in gold and silver while creating a diverse portfolio.

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 When I consider investing in gold and silver, I look at two paths: owning the metal outright, such as in coins or bars, or opting for non-physical investment products like ETFs, mining stocks, or even digital assets tethered to the price of these metals.

Gold and Silver Volatility

Investing in precious metals comes with a set of unique benefits. They’re seen as safe havens during economic turbulence. Yet, no investment is without its risks.

Prices of gold and silver can be volatile, influenced by global markets with the banking industry buying and selling to meet their obligations for capital. Indeed, Central Banks also take advantage of the ups and downs to buy or sell adding to the volatility.

An example of this is the Chinese government who announced they were buying gold. The price went up and up to new highs before China announced they had stopped buying. As soon as the price dropped they started buying again.

Storing Gold and Silver

Holding physical gold can bring concerns over storage and insurance.

If holding small quantities of gold and silver a safe will generally suffice but check with the requirements of your insurance company as specialist insurance may be needed.

Online companies will also offer storage for a small fee with the commodity being held in their vaults.

Pension companies are increasingly allowing gold and silver to be added schemes and will provide storage facilities.

The storage being used comes down to the quantity being stored.

Gold and Silver Strategic Investing

Strategic Investing is my whole philosophy for investing.

I advise adding some sparkle of gold or silver to an investment portfolio simply because they typically don’t move in the same direction as stocks and bonds. This why precious metals are considered a haven in difficult economies.

Spreading the investment risk into different asset classes, including commodities such as gold and silver is a prudent strategy.

Strategic Ways to Invest in Gold and Silver

You know the basics and the allure that gold and silver hold as part of a diverse investment portfolio. Now, let’s shift our focus to how you can invest in these precious metals. The strategy you choose should align with your investment goals, whether that’s long-term security, short-term gains, or simply the pleasure of owning tangible assets.

Bars and Coins

I am frequently asked is “do I buy bars or coins?”

It comes down to personal choice; the amount being purchased, and the exit strategy.

Personal Choice – which do you prefer? Many people like the variety of choices for coins. I have country currency coins as well as movie-related coins and historical landmark coins. Limited edition coins offer both the price of the metal and the collector value of the coin.

Purchase Amount – if buying large quantities of gold and silver, coin storage can be difficult and this is where bars make more sense. They are compact requiring less storage space.

Exit Strategy – how do you intend to sell your gold and silver holdings? If the intent is to sell small quantities then coins are probably easier to sell than bars. Know your exit strategy and it aid the decision on bars or coins.


For a more fluid investment, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) provide exposure to the precious metals markets without the complications of storage.

When you invest in a gold or silver ETF, you’re buying shares that track the price of the metal. This form of investment is popular for its ease of trading and correlation to the precious metals market.

The benefit of using ETFs is the ability to buy or sell quickly.

Mining Stocks

Mining company stocks are a different beast. By investing in companies that mine gold or silver, you’re putting your money into the performance of those companies, not directly into the metals.

It’s essential to research and understand the mining sector or consult a financial advisor to grasp the full picture of these investments.


Cryptocurrency backed by gold and silver introduces a modern twist to metal investments. These digital assets, tied to the value of a physical quantity of gold or silver, offer a novel approach to metal investment through blockchain, though they come with their own set of risks to be mindfully navigated.

Gold and Silver Investing

Ultimately, each method has its own set of advantages and considerations. Veer away from impulsive decisions. Carefully weigh the pros and cons, consult with a financial advisor, and make an informed choice.

My investment strategy is adverse to putting my eggs in one basket. Diversification is the backbone of my investment in gold and silver.

However, you should always prioritize the long-term stability of your portfolio, and remember that the key lies in understanding your investments and setting clear, achievable goals.

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