What’s your Fire in the Belly?

Pete bought his first property at the age of 20, out of necessity for somewhere to live while working on a contract in the UK. He continued to grow his portfolio and within a few years had 16 properties. Today, property is a key part of his investment strategy. Pete and I both started property … Read more

Why You Need Patience

How often have you heard, they have the patience of a saint?  Well, when it comes to investing that is exactly what you need and more.  I often see people chasing the money. They have read that this is the next best thing and move their money from it’s current investment into the new hot … Read more

Pushing the Boundaries in 2021

Pushing the Boundaries for 2021 2021 has started with a blast. Bullion investing is on an upward trend and Bitcoin hit massive all time highs. So are you prepared for the new year opportunities.  One thing I learnt from 2020 was we all had to adapt to the challenges around us. Not only adapt, but … Read more

Dividend and Compound Investing

Dividend and Compounding Investing There are many different types of strategies you can use in share investing. Often the first image that comes to mind is sitting in front of a computer screen and watching numbers ticking over at a rapid pace hearing buy, sell, sell, buy. That tends to be trading and is a … Read more

Blog Comments Policy

We encourage and welcome comments on our blog. We would also like to thank everyone who takes their time out in posting comments on Karen Newton International. We generally post all the comments which are useful to all of our readers. However, there are certain instances where we edit or delete the comment(s). This includes: … Read more

Are You Part of the 92% or the 8%

It’s an interesting question and one that triggered a few responses to a blog site I run when I wrote this article in 2012. I’ve repeated sections of the blog below as it is worth reminding readers about the statistics. Several years ago, a class of teenagers with dreams and aspirations for their futures became … Read more

About Karen

When it comes to building wealth and income, Karen has cracked the code. Borrowing £300 on a credit card and turning it into £10 million in 4 years.   Strategic Investor   Karen sees her role in helping her clients build online businesses and then invest the profits into property, digital assets and commodities. She … Read more