What’s your Fire in the Belly?

Pete bought his first property at the age of 20, out of necessity for somewhere to live while working on a contract in the UK. He continued to grow his portfolio and within a few years had 16 properties. Today, property is a key part of his investment strategy. Pete and I both started property investing around the same time so we chatted about what the markets were like, negotiating deals and the mortgage market.

Last year Pete launched the Progressive Property Network (PPN) in Northern Ireland providing a platform and meeting environment for anyone interested in property whether as an existing owner or as someone keen to get into property.


As a business owner, Pete’s new project is Fire in the Belly. As Pete says “Why do some people get out of bed and achieve amazing success and why do other people get out of bed and watch TV? He talks to successful people about what motivates them, keeps them going in tough times and what is their Fire in the Belly,

Join Pete and me for a chat about property investing, business and Fire in the Belly.

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