Pushing the Boundaries in 2021

Pushing the Boundaries for 2021

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2021 has started with a blast. Bullion investing is on an upward trend and Bitcoin hit massive all time highs. So are you prepared for the new year opportunities.

 One thing I learnt from 2020 was we all had to adapt to the challenges around us. Not only adapt, but adapt quickly and often. Those that failed to adapt missed out on big opportunities that the financial markets offered.

Patience was also a key word. Patience to let markets come to you and be willing to act on them when the indicators were right.

Finally, education was a necessity not a luxury. If you wanted to be able to adapt to the changes around you. If you wanted to be ready to take advantage of markets and opportunities, education was more important, so you knew and could identify the opportunities.

For me, 2020 was the year of learning, practicing and developing those new skills. Now as we move into 2021, putting into practice everything learnt and being ready to push the boundaries of 2021.

One of the major challenges for me was cryptocurrencies. As someone who likes to be able to hold and investment in my hand, changing my mindset to accepting cryptocurrencies as an investment asset meant adapting the mindset; being patient with the markets and learning, learning and learning. Putting what was learnt into practice has been an eye opener to a whole new world of investing. Not only a new world but one based on old skills of being able to analyse companies and read charts. Developing strategies that work in the world of trading, share investing and now cryptocurrency.

One thing is certain 2021 will offer incredible opportunities for investors in the 4 key categories we teach through Karen Newton International. Those for areas being Business, Property, Digital and Cash. Within those 4 categories, 2021 offers incredible opportunities if you are prepared to adapt quickly to the opportunities; be patient and let the markets come to you and be prepared to learn and practice the skills necessary to take advantage of when opportunities arise.

 Investing in Business

With so many businesses closing and unemployment rising, 2020 saw an increase in people becoming self-employed. Not unexpected as during recessions, self-employment is always a growth area. What is of particular interest was the growing number of online businesses offering coaching and training. The traditional “cottage” industries of crafts were not as forthcoming as expected. But they will come. As 2021 shapes up to be another challenging year more people will move into self-employment and converting ideas and hobbies into at home businesses.

 This provides 2 key business opportunities

  1. offering training to new business owners who will need to learn all the skills that experienced entrepreneurs already know. From starting and setting up a business to finding clients and growing a business.
  2. Businesses which have gone into administration are normally due to heavy debt against the business and poor management skills. There are opportunities to acquire businesses which have a ready made client base and provide the opportunity to establish and grow a business quickly with the infrastructure already in place.

 Now is an amazing time to invest in business.


The Property Markets

The property market has been one of opportunity if you have money available. For beginners to the market with little or no money, buying into property has proven difficult with lenders continually changing their qualifying requirements for obtaining a mortgage.

 Property Options definitely came into their own in 2020 and will again offer fantastic opportunities in 2021.

 Lease Options lets the lessee make money from the property without owning it. If the market stalls or declines, options can be handed back to the owner of the property protecting the lessee from volatile investment conditions. And for those who are eager to get onto the property ladder, rent to buy, spreads the cost of buying the property without the need for mortgages.

 2021 will offer more and more opportunities to benefit from using options as an investment vehicle for the future.


Digital Investments

Digital Investing in Shares, Bonds and Cryptocurrencies will offer huge returns in a volatile market for those prepared to learn the skills and have the patience to let the markets come to them.

 Dividend Investing will provide passive income for the investor and should not be overlooked at a key investment strategy in either shares, bonds or cryptocurrencies.

For those who are more inclined to the riskier side of trading there volatile markets will offer plenty of opportunities in both the up and downward swings. If you are not an experienced trader, now is the time to look at the training available and start honing the skills.


Cash Investments

Cash Investments include Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver. In addition there is Peer-2-Peer Lending which gains more and more popularity as banks make it more difficult to obtain mortgages. But cryptocurrencies now offer lending opportunities. This market has seen phenominal growth with many institutional lenders entering the crypto markets.

In late 2020 when there was an expectation that money would flow into gold and silver, it flowed into cryptocurrencies. This morning (4th January 2021) the money has started flowing from crypto, as profits are taken and started flowing back into precious metals.

Quick transfers of money between asset bases will become more and more frequent.


Push the Boundaries to Make 2021 Your Year

There has never been a better time to upscale your investment strategies. Take a look at the markets and invest in training that can move you forward.

 Training will be key to ensuring you can move quickly, effectively and profitably into the different investment categories.

 In 2021 money will need to move quickly. This is what I call “fast cash” the faster you can move your money around the wealthier you become. The days of holding for the long term no longer exist. Get into an investment, take your profit and move to the next.

 Push the boundaries of your skills and knowledge to make 2021 your year.

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