How Many Income Streams Do You Have?

Have you ever studied the richest people in the world?  I have.


I discovered they all have one thing in common.  They create Multiple Income Streams with most having at least 5 different types of income.


When I studied this in depth, I discovered 8 different types of income


Earned Income

Profit Income

Dividend Income

Passive Income

Rental Income

Interest Income

Capital Gains Income

Royalty Income


I started studying these 8 income streams and applying them in my life.


The results were incredible.  I borrowed £300 on a credit card and turned it into 10 million over 4 years.


I wrote books – so far, 22 books which have gone to #1 in 6 countries – just sharing different aspects of how I make money and continue to do so.


One day, a guy stopped me in the street and asked if I was the author of the book he was holding. I was.  My coaching business started.


Zero to Millionaire coaching course was created.  


It is a tested and proven system for creating Multiple Income Streams.  Helping people find financial freedom and start building the lifestyle of their dreams.

Accessible Wealth

This monthly email course teaches my unique system of creating Multiple Income Streams through Business, Property, Digital and Precious Metal Investing. 


It includes Income Generating Assets; Leverage; Compounding Effective and how to use Good Debt.


Topics covered are:


The importance of mindset and the pathway to wealth.


Investing in dividend income shares


Creating Side Hustles


Using Charts to analyse the best crypto currency alt coins.


Different types of Property Options to start a property portfolio even if you have little income


How to invest in Gold, Silver and other precious metals


and much more…..

I joined Karen’s Mastermind Group last year.  She says she can take you from zero to millionaire, she isn’t kidding

Natasha (Global Mindset Coach)


Karen changes the lives of those ready to take action, she makes wealth accessible to everyone.

Marilyn (EquipYou Ltd)


Karen is a great coach on how to build wealth.  I have no hesitation in recommending Karen

Tony (Independent Financial Advisor)


Karen has a way of taking complex topics and breaking them down into easy to understand topics

Michael (NLP Practitioner)

Learn and Earn

I know what it is like to have no money for day to day living let alone become an investor.


For my 1st investment, I borrowed £300 on a credit card and turned that into £10 million within 4 years.


It was very important to me that the philosophy at Karen Newton International is that you earn as you learn.


From month one our clients put into practice what they are learning with some making enough income in their 1st month to cover the whole courses.  Income earned by our clients ranges from £218 to £1,000 in their first month.


I also know how nerve wracking it can be to start investing.  You are terrified of losing money.


Investment money does go up and down, but we also provide support systems to help you generate income for investing such as our investment clubs for investing in US Share Market; Property Joint Ventures; Gold & Silver Bullion Clubs and more….


By helping you to learn and earn you achieve success faster.

1st Earning Opportunity

Side Hustles are an important part of creating income.


Business is your #1 investment.  Online business is a growth industry turning over $4.28 Trillion in 2020.  We want you to be part of the growth opportunity.


As part of the philosophy of helping you Learn and Earn, Karen Newton International offers an affiliate marketing program.


Join our course using the link below and you not only have access to great products but great training as well.


Each monthly we hold FREE training for our affiliate partners to help them grow their business.  


When you become an affiliate you will receive an invite to our courses and our incentive bonuses.


This is just one way we provide you with support every step of the way to generate investments.

And there's more ......

Buy the Zero to Millionaire Training Course today and you receive our bonus Introduction to Charts.


There are charts for anything in the investment world.  Understanding the different types of charts and some simple tools you can overlay on the charts makes it easier to interpret what is happening in the world economy and make more informed decisions


People pay thousands for courses about charts and we are making it available as a bonus item for just €47 when you sign up to the Zero to Millionaire Course.