As we move into 2021, how many have their plans in place ready to achieve what they want?


Planning for 2021 should start early in 2020, so come 2021, all the knowledge and skills needed have been learnt.  All the steps have been put in place and 2021 becomes the year to take action, achieve those goals and start dreaming and planning for 2022.  


Imagine a teenage wanting to learn to drive.  First, they have to wait until they are 17 years old to apply for a provisional driver license.  Next, they book a series of driving lessons until they are ready to take the driver test.  These steps are carefully planned in advance.  Why? Because it takes money to pay for everything.  Many kids will be saving their pocket money, getting after school jobs with the sole intention of having enough money to learn to drive.  Then the process starts all over again, they want a car and need to pay for insurance.  That involves planning well in advance to be able to afford it.


As people get older, they lose the dreams and stop planning for their future.  They let life get in the way.  Planning their desired life gets forgotten as they settle for whatever happens.  But, that can all be changed.


I learnt the power of planning a year in advance many years ago.  It was by accident and the results were amazing.  It meant that instead of planning at the beginning of the year where I wanted to be at the end of the year and hoping like hell, I got there.  I started the plans a year before.  I set up the action steps and took all the training I knew I needed to get the results I wanted.  That left me free to work the action steps and take advantage of the opportunities that came my way, simple, because there was a plan in place for them.  Many people will call it the law of attraction because you are bringing into your environment that which you most desire.  I call it identifying the opportunities that are around you all the time because you planned for them and expect them to be there.


2020 was a reset year for many.  Forced lockdowns allowed time to think about how you want 2021 to be for you.  It was a year for building the relationships with the people who will be part of your goals for 2021.  It was a year for learning.  Finding the right training courses to give you the skills and knowledge you need for 2021.  It was a year for putting plans in place so 2021 becomes a year of action taking.  A year to achieve anything you desire.


Plan for your success and you will achieve it.