Who doesn’t love a good read?

Relaxing in front of the fire on a winters day or lounging in the sun, reading is a past time many people enjoy.

Reading can be for information, day dreaming or taking the reader on a journey to wealth and abundance

Lifestyle Investor Magazine was conceived with the idea of how to make money and spend it.  Looking at what is happening in the global markets, ways to learn to make money and more luxurious ways to spend it.

The Economy

Everything in life is affected by the economy.

Everyday essentials such as food, shelter and warmth. Food prices are reflected in the cost of growing the food, getting it to the supermarkets (supply chains and fuel) and running costs for the supermarket (wages, taxes, electricity, rent etc.).

But it’s not just food it is every day essentials such as electricity and gas for homes which impact on the spare cash to enjoy the lifestyle many work so hard for.

Lifestyle Investor Magazine has regular articles about the economy along with ways to make earnings go a little further.

Feature articles go into greater depth such as the supply chain crisis (November 2021 issue) and surviving high inflation (January 2022 issue), Property Investing using options (October 2021 Issue)

When you know what is happening in the economy you can budget your income easier and choose your investments wisely.


Investment Trends and Ideas

The investment market is fickle.

One day it’s goes up supposedly based on the news of the day.  Next day it is down based on the same news.  Generally, there are underlying trends upon which investment decisions are made.

A regular feature in Lifestyle Investor Magazine, is looking at the trends and what people are likey to invest in during the coming months. The February 2022 issue had some surprising ideas for future trends.

Strategies and ideas around investing change depending on the economy.  Discovering what the trends are or learning new ideas around investing help the reader to decide where or how they want to invest.

Trends are important for traders and investors.  Traders need to follow the trends.  The more people following a trend the more money a trader will make.

Conversely, investors are contrarian.  The tend to look at what is out of favour, low in price and buy so they can make money by selling when the asset goes up in value.

The more information at your finger tips, the better the investment strategy and the more money the investor makes.


What is lifestyle for you?  Lifestyle Investor Magazine

Lifestyle is luxury and whatever luxury means to you.

Taking the family out for dinner in a restaurant of choice and not worrying about the cost is the dream of many.

For others it can simply be the ability to cover all their bills each month.

For wealthy people lifestyle is about doing what they want when they want.  Having holidays where and when they choose.

Lifestyle enhances everything they work for.

Everyone can have the lifestyle of their choice spending their surplus cash as they see fit.  Lifestyle Investor Magazine covers some of the luxury items enjoyed by many.

Lifestyle Investor Magazine

Lifestyle Investor Magazine brings together how to make money and how to spend it under one cover.  Part education, part information and part living your dreams.

And at just $1 per month subscription, can you afford not to take a few moments to relax, read and enjoy each issue?