Creating Multiple Streams of Income

In a world of volatility where global economies are going up or down, building Multiple Streams of Income is the foundation of sustainable wealth.



Karen Newton International, is a global educational company teaching clients how to build multiple stream of income using 4 key areas of wealth.


The 4 key areas being Business, Property, Paper (Digital) and Cash (Bullion) investments.



There is a fallacy that you need lots of money to get started and that couldn’t be further from the truth.


What is needed is an understanding of each of the 4 categories and how you can operate in each one.  How little money builds over time through the compounding effect and how to leverage products and services to get the best possible results in the shortest time

The image above shows how we split investing into 4 categories, Business, Property, Paper and Cash.  Within each of these categories is a variety of different types of investments to suit everyone.


The key to building sustainable wealth is finding the niches in each category that you like and enjoy.  The build them to generate the wealth and lifestyle you desire.


Everyone can have everything they desire with focus and dedication to learning and putting into practice what is learnt.


Multiple Streams of Income

In building multiple streams of income, there are 8 key streams which all wealthy people have as part of their wealth building strategy.  Have these 8 streams of income to not only survive but thrive in any economic climate

  1. Earned Income – where a wage is paid from a business owned
  2. Profit Income – earning income as self-employed or through side hustles
  3. Dividend Income – Income generated from company dividends or share dividends
  4. Passive Income – usually generated through multilevel marketing, online course
  5. Interest Income – earing interest from deposit accounts and P2P lending
  6. Rental Income – renting an asset for income
  7. Captial Gains Income – buying assets low and selling high
  8. Royalty Income – generated from anything personally copyrighted. .

Pathway to Wealth

Pathway to Wealth is the training program.  It consists of a core course Zero to Millionaire with additional plugin courses for more specialist learning.


Zero to Millionaire – takes the student on a path to learning how to build income in all 4 categories – business, property, digital and bullion at different levels. Going from an absolute beginner to an experience investor.


Plugin Courses – are more specialist courses designed to help clients go into more depth, learning more strategies on specific topics such as cryptocurrency; charting and shares. 


For a full catalogue of courses available visit 


The Pathway to Wealth is different for all clients. This course allows clients of all different levels to find the one that suits them best.

Three Types of Courses

At Karen Newton International we realise one size does not fit all.  We have therefore created 3 types of courses with different budgets to suit clients.


1. Self Learn – where you work at your own pace



2. Group Learning with a Coach – the dates for these courses are agreed with the coach and other members of the group



3. Private Coaching – this is one to one coaching


Investment Clubs

Karen Newton International currently runs share investment clubs for the US share market.


The club consists of up to 20 members who contribute an equal amount of money each month to a pot.  Training is provided on finding shares to invest in and strategies to maximise returns.


For further information about investment clubs email