It’s Not About the Money

Have you ever found yourself thinking how fantastic it would be to be rich?

Well, I have news for you.  Anyone can be wealthy but it’s not about the money.  What people really desire is the lifestyle they believe the money will give them.

Your Dream Lifestyle

Take a few moments to just imagine the type of lifestyle you would love to live.

What type of home would you live in?  Would it be beachside, a place in the mountains, city life or would you like to have a home in each of these places?

When I did this exercise initially, I found myself saying I could never afford that, so I thought about something different.  But when I used the belief that I could achieve anything I desired, the shackles came off and my dreams just got bigger and bigger.  Today, I have both beachside and snowy mountain homes.French Alps

The next question to ask yourself is where you would like to live?

The world has become more accessible for everyone and as you learn to build wealth you can live almost anywhere you choose.  During my lifetime, I have lived in United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, France and Spain.  Why, because I chose to change my lifestyle and live in the country that offered the lifestyle I desired at the time.

How to Create the Lifestyle

Many people will think, I could never afford this.

The truth is the lifestyle you dream of is often cheaper and easier to achieve than you think, when you know how.

If you think buying a home is difficult in another country remember you can rent first or you can use property options,  There are lots of opportunities to live where you want to live.

When I decided to move to Spain, I looked at buying a villa on a golf course.  The deal fell through taking my deposit on the villa with it when the bank went under.  Yet, today, I live 20 metres from the beach with incredible views around the bay because I went down a different path to obtain a property and bought using a Rent 2 Buy Property Option.

As for work, I converted my business into an online business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world as long as I have an internet connection.  Post pandemic many businesses now offer clients work from home options. Your home could be anywhere in the world.

If you find yourself making excuses as to why you can’t live your dream lifestyle.  Make a list of all the objections and work through them.  There is always a way around things.

How to Make Money for your Dream Lifestyle

Making money is really easy once you have a few basic steps to follow.  It is a proven pathway to generating wealth.  Yet very few people know the rules of money and how to apply it in their everyday lifestyle.

Borrowing £300 on a credit card, I quickly made £10 million simply by following the pathway.  Today, I know that what ever happens in the economy, I can still make money.  If tomorrow, I lost it all, I would still be able to start from scratch and rebuild the wealth over 3 – 4 years because I know the system to follow to ensure wealth creation.

In 2006, I asked a group of people to test the system for me.  Their results helped me to customise the information into an online course.

Today, I have coached over 17 Mastermind Groups, worked directly with private clients and helped them build the type of lifestyle they desire.

Build the Foundation

If you have ever built a home or watched one being built, a foundation is needed on which the house is built.  The foundations go deep into the ground so that when the house is finished it will be able to stand up to all sorts of weather.

Making money is exactly the same.  Build a foundation of different types of investments (there are 4 categories) which produce different types of income. (8 different income streams) then no matter what happens in the world you will always have income coming in and have assets which are growing in value.

It’s a fact of life that assets go up in value and then go down in value.  To make money the best strategy is to buy low and sell high.  Yet, each investment category has a different cycle and being able to take advantage of the cycles guarantees you are alway making money.

Income generation is an important part of buying assets.  Creating income provides cash to buy more assets.  It’s a continous cycle.  In the midst of all this you are generating the income which lets you live your dream lifestyle.  The more income generated the better the lifestyle you are able to live.

A recent client has a dream to spend 6 months of every year in the Bahamas teaching scuba diving.  He soon built his foundation of wealth that generates income for him and is now financially free, waiting for borders to open from the pandemic so he can spend 6 months in the Bahamas living his dream.

Don’t Wait, Live it NowBeachside

Many people say, “when I retire, I want to do this and that”.  Sadly, statistic show us that when people reach retirement age they only enjoy a few years of retirement.  A friend of mine recently died after retiring last year.  He bought his dream home by the sea.  He got to live there for just one year.  Not enough time to really settle in to his new lifestyle.

Some people don’t even get to retirement age and still hope they will live their dream lifestyle some day.  Some day never comes.

Live your dream lifestyle now at an age where you can enjoy it and create memories with your family and friends.  It’s not about the money, that is easy to make.  It’s about enjoying your life your way now.