Is Your Self-Publishing Project Making Money or Gathering Dust

Writing a book and self-publishing a book is a massive achievement.  It can be emotional. It takes courage and determination to get the story out to the public domain. The long hours of writing, publishing and promoting the book are forgotten as the book becomes a best seller.  Soon, the book is forgotten by the public as they clamour to buy the next book.  Sales of your book slow down to almost nothing and your left with a self-published book gathering dust.


I am the author of 23 books.  Books which sell in 13 countries generating a regular monthly income.  Books which I used to create a brand, build business awareness, introduce an audience to training courses and even inspire a business.  Books are your calling card.  They show you as the “go to expert”.  They are the stepping stone to opening many doors which were previously shut.  Used properly, a book is a sustainable income source for years to come.


A couple of years ago, I was at a seminar in Cardiff, South Wales, UK, when I started talking to a multiple best-selling author who asked me “How much income I generated each month from my book”. When I explained you could clearly see the surprise and disbelief.  The next question was “how did I do it?” the answer was that I didn’t know.  I just put my books out there and they sold.


The more I thought about the questions, the more I realised, I had marketing systems I had put in place almost 20 years ago that helped to generate income month after month.  I simply operated on automatic and didn’t need to think about the book sales.  They happened.


For several years I had taught a workshop called Desktop Publisher, which took attendees through the process of writing, self-publishing and marketing a book.  The workshop has now been developed and expanded into 3 different courses.


  1. Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your Own Book – is a step-by-step process starting from scratch and taking the student from knowing nothing about writing a book to becoming a self-publisher author and possible best seller.
  2. Information Products and PLR – is the next step in the process of using the book to create products that audiences are chomping at the bit to buy. It includes licensing the book or obtaining licenses from other to compliment the topic.
  3. Building an Online Business – is the final step in creating a system that ensures the book and product sell every month generating a real return for the effort of writing, publishing and marketing a book.

These three courses help the author get their message out to a wider audience and get paid for their time.

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