Everyone Has a Story to Tell, Now is the Time to Tell Yours

In a recent survey 9 out of 10 people said writing a book was on their bucket list.  For generations we have learnt through sharing stories.  Even today, with computers and information instantly to hand, story tellers are still in high demand.  The art of sharing a story is still important whether that story be for entertainment or information we tend to remember the stories.  There is no better way to tell those stories than through books where they are preserved for eternity.


My name is Karen Newton.  I’m an International best-selling author of 23 books and I’ve learnt the hard way what it takes to get a book written and published along with the work involved to market a book and get it to best-selling status.


My dad, in his spare time was a writer.  He had a knack for turning the most serious situation into comedy.  So good was he, that in the early days of television he started to write sitcom scripts. I would help by converting his handwritten scripts into a typed version he could send to the studios.


It wasn’t until a few decades later when out of boredom, I started writing. Then going through the process of submitting manuscripts to countless publishing houses, waiting months for a reply which simply said – no.


The knowledge and experienced gained not only from working with my father but from writing my own books is pulled together into a 12 parts course – Desktop Publisher, Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your Own Book.



You will learn


  • The need for authorisations
  • The different elements in a book including the frontmatter, body and backmatter
  • Editing and formatting for different types of books
  • Designing book covers
  • Self-publishing
  • Creating Audiobooks
  • Marketing strategies to ensure the success of your book

Why Self-Publishing is the Best Option

In the, good ole days, self-publishing was frowned up.  Today, it is the mainstay of the publishing industry with self-publishing writers often enjoying far more success than traditionally published authors.



The self-publishing world opened up for me an audience I never thought possible with my books selling in numerous countries around the world including North Americas; Europe; UK; Australasia; India and Japan.



The options available to self-publishers is incredible with different book styles, hardback books; paperback books; ebooks and audiobooks helping writers to get in front of a larger audience something never thought possible before.



Self-Publishing now offers some of the best opportunities to tell your story, the best way to get in front of as big an audience as possible and the best way to be paid for your work.


Self-Publishing Means Self-Marketing

The world of digital self-publishing has eliminated the cost of buying thousands of books up front with a print-on-demand system which allows the publisher to only print books when they are ordered.  For the author, this means, no lump sums of money spent on boxes of books buried under the bed instead the money can be used directly on marketing.



This is where this course differs so much from traditional courses as it covers marketing strategies.  It goes through some of the best options available to you as a self-published author to ensure you get in front of the right audience who will want to read your book.



Customized By Our Clients

This course started as a one-day seminar.  The feedback was fantastic with participants wanting more so it became two days then three days until finally the 12-part course was created.


I recently attended a desktop publisher workshop. Wow, by the end of the day I was so excited to take action with the tips and ideas shared – Linda Hopkins


With this course you not only have the experience of an international best-selling author but also a refined course which has been customized to the requests of our many authors who have now written, published and gone on to become best-selling authors.


Heather Shields participated in a group training course, she is an editor and ghost writer, a best-selling author and loved the course so much she became a coach now teaching clients how to write, publish and market their books.


Learning From the Best

This course is different as we also teach you the marketing side of publishing your book and making it a success.


Something so often forgotten in other courses but a fundamental part of writing and publishing.


Marketing is such an important and overlooked aspect of writing that I spent years studying with some of the best in the industry.  


Ted Nicholas, described as the best direct response marketer in the world taught me about copy writing.  


Kyle Wilson, who is a marketing genius and 18 years partner to Jim Rohn, mentored me in the strategies for getting a book to number one as well as teaching me 25 marketing strategies.  


Some of the marketing experience gained from these and more incredible marketers is shared so you can achieve the best success possible with your book.  These are the same strategies that helped me become an international best-selling author.    

Your Story Needs to be Shared

Your story is so important that it deserves to be preserved and shared in a book.  


It is a legacy you can leave not only your children, but the future generations for whom your story will be so powerful in helping them to understand their history.


The information, knowledge, skills, expertise are truly unique to you. Don’t waste it by passing up a chance to tell your story, in your own words.


If writing a book and telling your story is on your bucket list then you owe it to yourself to tick it off the list by writing your own book now.


This course will help you achieve your dream