Blast The Myth - You Need Money to Become an Investor

“I don’t have any money, so no point asking me to invest” is a response I frequently hear when I talk about investing.  Yet, the sad truth is very few people understand what investing is truly about and how you can start with little or no money.


Studying investing you soon understand there are 4 categories that investing falls into.


  1. Business
  2. Property
  3. Digital
  4. Cash


Investing is simply acquiring more and more assets in each category.  The more assets you acquire the wealthier you become.


Business is the simplest and easiest business to start and grow.  For example, if you look around your home at all the items or processions you have that haven’t been used for 6 months or more, would it be possible to sell those items on ebay?

Instantly, you have created a business selling goods on ebay.  A simple business that required no money to set up, no money to run yet was able to generate an income for you.  Interestingly, when I put this challenge to clients, they soon come up with £200, £500 even up to £1000 in sales.  They have created a business selling second-hand items.  No stock, no set-up fees just commission paid on goods sold.


Take a look at some of the richest people in the world.  Jeff Bezos of Amazon, his investment is selling items online.  Bernard Arnault, has built a shopping empire through LVMH.  In both instances a business is the foundation of their investment strategy.


Building an online business is quick and easy requiring no money.  Ebay is just one example.  However, you could have a coaching business.  The keys to building an online business are:-


  1. A Mailing List. For starting an email list most platforms offer a free starter pack.
  2. Online Membership Site – some platforms offer a free starter pack
  3. Zoom or similar platform for delivering your training to clients – Zoom offers a free starter pack
  4. Payment System – Paypal and Strip are free to set up with a commission charged on sales made
  5. Social Media – you can advertise what you are doing to family and friends and ask them to share your business link making advertising free.


With absolutely no money you have a business set up and raring to go.  The only cost to you is the time you put in to starting it.  You have created an investment from nothing but an idea and taking some action steps.


Three key business models for me are writing, coaching and affiliate marketing.  Self-publishing books which then form the basis of a training course and an online product range called information products.  Businesses which are easily upscaled through affiliate marketing.  The cost involved with each of these business models is time.


So, next time someone talks to you about investing, take a moment to think about what the investment is.  Do you need to find money for the investment or do you create an online business with the potential of generating thousands in income and become your own investor, a creator of income producing assets and blast the myth that you need money to start an investment.