A Routine Day

Two of the most common questions I am asked is “how do you fit everything in?” or “where do you get your ideas?” or I get comments about my work ethic and how much time I spend working. So, I have pondered on the questions and considered what I do and when I do it.  It’s really something I hadn’t thought about until recently, due to all the questions I get.  But the more I thought about exactly what I do each day the more I began to think the key to achieving everything I do is having a routine day.

My day starts with a walk regardless of the weather.  When I had my dog, the day evolved around two or three walks a day for him.  Since his death, I have kept up the morning walk which lasts about an hour.During this time, I do very little talking, my husband and I just walk, take in and enjoy the surroundings. On days when I have to be somewhere early then I set the alarm earlier so I fit in my walk. It’s a relaxing start to the day along the promenade 

Once I get back home it’s breakfast which is followed by writing my Journal. In the journal I dump everything I want to say about everything on my mind.  The good, the bad, what’s going right, what’s going wrong, progress on goals, the plans and action steps. It can be anything and I write until there is nothing left to write.  


Do you remember the hot water tanks in every home?  Each day you heated the water for what you needed during the day.  When the water was used it was refilled with fresh water and the whole process started again. 


I use my journal in the same way buy emptying the things on my mind into the journal until I have cleared everything.


The next step in my routine day is probably the most important – thinking. 


I have just dumped everything that was on my mind into my journal and now I have an empty canvas with which to work.


I sit quietly, listening to the sounds around me. The sound of water is my favourite and the sound I tend to notice first and then I wait for the ideas to come into my mind – the goals, the affirmations, the plans, the action steps.  Now, I am motivated and ready to go.

The last step in my routine day is writing the success diary.  Everything I have just been thinking about gets noted in there, the affirmations; the action steps, meetings and the key thoughts.  It focuses my mind on what the order of work is going to be.

I am now ready to begin my work day.


Whatever the rest of my day brings it’s usually anything but routine. But I’m ready to tackle it head on and get done everything I have set myself for that particular day.

Most people have a morning routine, they get up shower, wash, eat breakfast and run out the door.  They are constantly in a rush, dashing from one thing to the next often achieving nothing.  They get home exhausted thinking about dinner and sleep before starting the whole process over again.




Talk about Groundhog Day.

In recent years, I have seen a trend and read books about having a morning routine to set you up for the day.  But when I try what the books suggest I found it didn’t work for me.




What I did discover though, is we are all different and the morning routine I have used for years is the one that suits me best. 




You need to discover your own morning routine.




By all means, look at other people’s ideas but create your own routine.  Create the routine that feels comfortable and relaxing for you.  Create the routine that ensures your day starts the way you want it to.  Create a routine that puts you in control of your day.  


When you create a routine that puts you in control of your day and leaves you feeling relaxed yet energised you know you have the right routine for you.


Wouldn’t it be great to have that much free time I can hear you saying?

Like you I have 24 hours in a day.  I choose what I do with that day.  I don’t have that much free time because I choose not to.  I have the choice to use time in the best way to suit me.  I still have deadlines to meet, I still have constraints on when investment markets are open or shut for doing my investments.  I still have to work around other people’s timeframes.

What I do have is control over when I get up, when I go to bed and how I organise my day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said “There are 24 hours a day.  If you only sleep 6 hours a day, then you have 18 hours left. Most people work 8 or 10 hours. So, you still have 8 hours left. What you do with those eight hours, is really the question.”

I choose to use my 8 hours a day by starting my morning quietly and peacefully and the rest of my day tends to run exactly the same way.  There is no rush to get everything done as I know I can pace myself and do what has to be done.





I choose to spend the rest of my 8 hours doing what I want to do with whom I want to do it.



When the morning routine is changed so is the day.  




Often, when travelling, I find myself so out of kilter that even some of the smallest things to do seem like a mountain of work to get through.  It’s on these days that my routine day has to be fitted in where and when I can.  I may have a very early start to catch a flight.  I find myself writing my journal through the flight and taking time out to let the thoughts and ideas flow in. 

I don’t have my success diary with me as it’s too big and heavy for flying but my journal fills that role.  




My routine day has to be flexible to fit in around my work day.

So, how do I fit everything into my day? 





I just do, there is no panic as I know I have plenty of time to do what I have to as that is the way my day is set up to create the space and time to do what needs to be done.  

The second question “Where do I get my ideas?” I dump all my thoughts into a journal, relax and let the thoughts come to me.

So what about you?  Do you have a routine day that helps or hinders your successes?