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What’s in Your Cupboard?

When we start a new £2.73 Club Mastermind Group, we ask clients to do a couple of things.  Look at the Direct Debits and Standing Orders that are on their bank account which should have been cancelled a long time ago but weren’t.  Clients are often surprised at how many are on their accounts and how much money they are able to save.  This exercise is about taking more control over their finances. 

The second thing we ask them to do is to go around their homes.  Look at what they have that is no longer needed, no longer has value to them and could be sold. This provides income for investing.  So far, clients have raised between £200 to £1000 in a month.

We also do this for another reason, mindset.  Investing is a mindset shift.  Its about changing the old thoughts and habits around money and creating new more positive and practical mindset that will help you on the journey to wealth and dream lifestyles.  Its about creating lifetime skills.

We live in a world where the mindset has become that of get rich quick. Most people want a quck fix solution with instant results now.  A world where it is too easy to hand your money over to someone else for a quick buck then cross your fingers and pray like hell that they make money for you and keep making it.  Sometimes, in the short term they do make money for you, maybe 1, 2, or more years but eventually the money will stop coming in.  It always does because markets are volatile and continually changing. 

Financial markets are always moving up or down.  They are known as investment cycles.  They vary in length of time.  The gold market is on an upward 50 year cycle that started in the 1970's.  Business is on a downward cycle started around 4 years ago accelerating downwards during lockdown.  When your money is with someone else it is often difficult for them to move the money quickly because of the large volumes they handle.  Even Warren Buffett one of the most successful investors of our generation is unable to get into the investments he wants because his business is too big. 

Traders are in a even more precarious situation as they only get a percentage of trades that work and then they lose money on the remainder.  No one has a 100% record.  Exceptional traders have a 60% track record of making money.  They can make money on an upward and downward market but what happens when the financial markets go sideways as they often do?

Learning the skills of investing and making the essential mindset shift to that of an investor means that no matter what the investment markets are doing you have control.  Control over the way you react to the market and control over how quickly you get in or out of an investment. Control over where you park your money in a sideways market. Control over your finances.

The true value of investing is the mindset shift you make from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. The skills and lessons you learn along the way build a reservoir of knowledge that is priceless when the markets turn and they always turn. 

When learning new skills, the shift in mindset is so subtle that often it goes unnoticed until one day you have to practice what you learnt.  One day you realise when it comes to creating your dream lifestyle and wealth all you really need is what you already know about getting in and out of the markets at the right time and patiently waiting for the right time to arrive.

In the comedy Only Fools and Horses, Del Boy and Rodney are always coming up with schemes to become wealthy. In the episode about how they made their millions, they find out they have been sitting on a valuable item for 16 years not knowing what it actually was or the value of it.  The autioneer saying they thought it was a Victorian Eggtimer while infact, it was a rare watch.  They had neither the right mindset nor the right skills to take advantage of what was right under their nose all the time.  Their cupboard was bare of the right mindset, skills and knowledge.

When you look in your cupboard what do you see?  A tap connected to someone else’s money pipeline building their wealth faster than yours or a shelf stacked with skills, knowledge and mindset values which will ensure yours and your family’s future for decades to come.

For more information on our courses email info@2pound73club.co.uk 

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