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Internet Marketing, Asset Protection

Are you protecting your Assets? Asks Sotiris Bassakaropoulis as we chat about Internet Marketing.

Sotiris and I both started Internet Marketing in the same year 2003.  We were coached by some of the best Internet Marketers in the world.  Both Sotiris and I had different aims from the coaching.

Sotiris lost his job when arriving late to work.  It was an approved lateness previously agreed with his employers.  But that made him determine to never rely on anyone else to provide income for him or his family.  Over one weekend Sotiris made 40 online sales and knew he could make a living from Internet Marketing.

I always wanted to write books and was looking at how I could market them.  I learnt strategies from the training that allowed me to sell my books worldwide.

Today, Sotiris works with people who want to build an online business but his passion is about protecting the digital assets you create online.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is the creation of digital products which are marketed online.  The type of products are information products such as books, videos and training programs which anyone can buy and either access online or download for their own use.  (refer to my blog about Desktop Publishing and Self-Publishing) 
The protection of the digital products are important as what happens when you go to switch on your computer and find your account with a supplier or a website are no longer accessible.  What do you do?

Join me for a chat with Sotiris Bassakaropoulis, where we chat about Internet Marketing, Asset Protection and more.

click on the photo above to watch the video

For more information about internet marketing visit



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