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What is Niche Marketing and Why is it Key to Building Your Online Sales
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What is Niche Marketing and Why is it the Key to Building Your Online Sales?

How often have you heard the word Niche and wondered what on earth is the person talking about? There is an assumption everyone understands niche marketing but like you I too was once a beginner in online marketing and sales and the word niche was not part of my vocabulary. So, let’s start are the very beginning to understand what is Niche Marketing and why it is key to building your online sales.

Golf is a sport played by millions.  It generates on average 500,000 searches per month.  That is 6 million searches for the word golf per year on google.  If you are trying to sell golf clubs in the golf market unless you have a very high advertising budget you would be so low down the search engine rankings that it is highly unlikely your product will be seen.

However, if you did a word search on US Open Golf that has an average of 8500 searches per month or 102,000 searches per year.  There is a much better chance of your golf clubs being higher up the rankings for US Open Golf than just the word Golf.

US Open Golf is a Niche.  Simply, you are identifying a smaller part of an industry and specialising in that area.  You could narrow the search parameters even more by using the term best golf clubs for US Open Golf.  It creates an even smaller niche and has the best opportunity to get your advert or your website top of the search engine making sales more likely. 

Potential Buyers will only Search Top Entries of Search Engine

Most potential buyers will only search the first page of google when looking for information or a product.  Bear in mind, the top couple of search results are paid for advertising then you must rank in the top 5 -6 to be seen by your potential customers.  The narrower your area of expertise the easier it will be to rank higher and get onto the first page for google searches.

In January 2020, Google altered the algorithm for identifying websites it will categorise to go top of an engine search.  So, it’s not just about the niche you are working in, it is now about the amount of expertise you have as the originator of content and the amount of content you have on your website.  The more content, the better the ranking providing it is good content and you are authoritive with your content.

Be the Authority on Your Niche

The better you know your niche market, the better content you can write and the more authoritive you will appear with your writing.  This will ensure your website is top of the search engines and provide quicker access to clients.  It should be noted, that typically, one to two percent of people who land on your website will click on a link to a product.  Only 1-2 percent of those who click through will actually buy your products.  Selling through a website is a numbers game.  Getting a high number of people to your website is the first part of getting the sales.  Getting higher up the search engine is the key to that.

This is why yourniche market is key to building your online sales.


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