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The Formula for Wealth

My life was changed by a car crash that left me unable to walk. Little did I realise at the time, that the two years spent learning to walk again was also teaching me the skills I would need to go from Zero to Millionaire.  Also, unable to work, I had to find a way to make a living.  Today as I look back over that period, I realise I was practicing the skills that would help me develop the Formula for Wealth.

Once fit and back on my feet again I started to put into practice what I was learning.  There were ups and downs, successes and failures until I hit the right formula for wealth which I continue to use today.


Start a Business

It all starts with a business.  But don’t panic, you don’t need to be spending tens of thousands in buying equipment, renting properties and employing staff.  Today’s businesses are created online.  Books, ebooks and audiobooks are all created, self-published and sold online. Information Products are bundled together including books, videos and reports all providing a solution to a problem your client has.  They can easily search Amazon for guides to help them from fixing a leaky pipe to legal advice or simply click on a link to a product you recommend and you receive a commission if they buy.

Your household junk is someone else’s treasure and there’s no better place to buy and sell than ebay. Little do people realise they are running a little home-based business with their accounts making money for each item they sell.  It is then quite easy to upscale your account and become a power seller on ebay making thousands a year.

Tutorials are one of the best Niche Markets for YouTube.  If you have knowledge or skills that can be recorded in a video and uploaded to your Youtube account then you can start to make some money from advertising and product recommendations.  Product Reviews are very popular, as people want to see what an item looks like taken out of packaging before they buy it.  A link in your review could soon see you earning commissions on sales.

There are so many opportunities to start small and begin an online business then upscale as you attract viewers to your channel

Income from your online business provides cash to invest in….



I have mentioned in a previous blog about investing in shares using ISAs.  Yet when you are first starting to invest finding an extra one or two hundred pound a month can put a strain on your finances.  Starting a small business as mentioned about quickly brings in the cash to purchase shares.

Simple strategies for creating monthly income from your shares can soon see your investment providing sufficient income to invest in….



You may not realise that you can start investing in property from just £1.  There are ways to control properties and earn an income from them as though you own them from just £1.  Have a little more to spend and you can get other people to source the deals for you.

If you particularly want to own property then shares provides an excellent way of saving the money you have made from your business until you can afford to purchase a property.


Protect Your Investments

The Global Economy has many ups and downs affecting your investments in the Share Market and Property.  However, you can hedge the ups and downs with Bullion.  In particular, Gold and Silver Bullion.  When economies are in recession Gold and Silver tends to go up protecting the losses on your other investment with the growth in your bullion investment.  This generates cash with which to buy more shares and property at depressed prices so when the markets start to recover again you achieve enormous growth.  It is what we call a Transfer of Wealth. (more about this in future blogs)


The formula for Wealth

click the above photo to view video

So now you have the formula for Wealth.  Start a business, invest the money you make into shares.  Once you have enough in your share account buy property and then protect it all with bullion.  Play the ups and downs of the markets.  Repeat until Rich.  

For more information about investing visit my youtube channel 

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